Week 15: May 6: Final Critique


  • Review / Critique Arduino Projects
  • Document and Backup work/Portfolio Review

Arduino Projects

We’ll use the first hour and a half for critiquing final projects. We’ll start at 10:30, so you have some time to setup and get your Arduino/Physical Computing ready.

Order of Crit

  • Ariel/Grace/Krystal
  • Eric/Maggie/Gabriella
  • Remy/Josie/Weronika
  • Kyndall/Nick
  • Katie/Matt/Shreya

Documenting Work

Use this class time to document and backup your work you’ve done for this course. Take a screen capture video of your portfolio and p5.js exercises, screenshot your pages, and compress and backup your www folder. Upload and backup all these files to Google Drive/Dropbox/Box.

While you’re doing this I’ll come around and review your portfolio with each of you individually.

We’ll end class at 1:00PM today