Week 12: April 15: Visualizations Cont./ Circuitry and Arduino


  • Review Visualizations
  • Studio
  •  Introduce Project 3
  • Basic Arduino tutorial
  • Using Sensors
  • Studio/Group time

Using Images instead of Shapes

In p5, we can also alter the sizes of images dynamically rather than shapes . This means you could use a transparent PNG to change size based on your data.  And these changes would all be relative to each other.

Using Images example

Try adding text to the above example.


There is a different method to save the canvas rather than taking a screenshot.  You can include this in your code, and in the final version take it out so it doesn’t prompt a visitor to save a frame from your canvas.

Simple saveCanvas version

You can also do this using a mousePressed event .


See next week’s page


  • Complete Visualization – come to class with the image printed
  • Read through and test out with your Arduino: Arduino Lessons with Lady Adafruit
  • Post 6 Images to Are.na about analog interfaces